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It's a shame it's not called iParent - the name pretty much excludes little boys. I wonder if they'll localise it to iMummy or iMammy for other countries?!


I totally agree with Mamadotie about the name, but we HAD to call it iMommy because iParent (which was our first choice) was taken. I have a little boy and two girls and they all like to play it and I wish we could have made the title more gender neutral, but I hope this won't make people shy away.
As far as the items which glow in some rooms and not others this is done because there are only certain times where a sequence needs to be followed so that's why we have them glow...in other words you wouldn't put the diaper on before you use the wipes! LOL...but in other rooms it's not as necessary. Please send us your comments and suggestions we'd love to hear from you to help us improve the app.

Uncle iPad

Kathshimm: Will Apple let you release the same app under a different name, like iMummy or iDaddy?

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