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So far I've also bought Rony's Math for my 3 year old daughter and I also want to share my expererience with young parents as it is signiticanty different from the written above. First of all I'd like to say my daughter is a great iPad lover and she likes most games I installed for her. But as a caring about her development mom I thoroughtly sort them out.
Rony's Math is in my favorits. Ron Engel wrote that it's rather testing than teaching app, but I fully disagree.
He said his child couldn't do anythink without his promts. But who said that the best app for kids is a game without parent's help. More over it is not the only aim of educational games at all. May be arcade apps are used to engage your preschool child so that you can have some free time. It's a wrong way to let your iPad teach your kid instead of you.

It should help you teach your kid. When my daughter opens Rony's math she is exciting with the music and bright colors and live interactive heroes. She repeats the poems. She can not count correctly, but she understands that there is a certain sequence in the first level and starts asking me. It's a wonderful result as this game stimulates her to put questions and I'm able to satisfy her curiousity. Here the app serves a developing environment for my child's learning. I am very pleased that by means of new technologies we can spend our free time learning and playing and the app is a source of ideas. As to the remark about difficulties in the last level I also should disagree. We, adults, cannot adequately assess what is difficult for the young learners. We read them books when they do not understand even a half of our reading, we talk to them and explain things to a newborn and do not wait when they grow up. The time passed and all we told our children starts to work. That is why I recommend this app to those parents who care about stimulating child's cognitive activity and enjoy being with their kids.
P.s. it serves more than three stars.

Uncle iPad

Thanks for the feedback. If you read our reviews on a regular basis, you'd notice that we encourage a great deal of parent-child interaction using apps...but we're also realistic enough to know that not all parents have the time to sit down and play apps with their children when their children want to play. That's a bit of an unrealistic expectation for most parents and, either way, we believe that all apps targeted to younger kids should include enough basic visual instruction and assistance to help the child to play and learn.

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