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Monica Goodall

Would so love to win this. iPad for my homeschooled daughter...thanks so much for the opportunity and we love your site...check it everyday and recommend it to all our friends.since finding it it is our first choice in finding new apps and the best by far...have used up our space on iPad there are so many good ones!monica goodall

robert wayne franklin

Hoping to win this for my 4yo son with autism, add/adhd, IED, SPD< attachment disorder, separation anxiety, and many others. this would change his life forever. Thank you so much Smart apps for kids for this amazing giveaway you all are angels thanks :)

Good luck to everyone!

tenna ritchie


Jason Woelders

@Shanna Woelders sent me.


My 2 year old son has CAS and I know that an ipad would be such a motivating way for him to practice. I would absolutely love to win one for him. Thanks Smart Apps for Kids!

Julia yates

I would love to win!!

Melissa Jaquez

Would love thIs For my kiddos!!! :)

Michelle H

Would love to win this for my neighbor. She is at the children's hospital with her 4 month old son who has a heart defect. What a great surprise this gift would be for her!

terri filkosky

Hoping to get this for my autistic son. He loves the computer would love to have a portable device and get some good communicaiton apps so he can have a voice....

lori brown

Susan Calderon sent me


Fingers crossed

marianne lasalle

Thank you again smartappsfor kids for another great ipad giveaway!! Good luck to all. So hoping I win this for Brianna

Stacey B

7/31 https://twitter.com/StaceyRenee711/status/230163009815838720

Bonnie Wegmann

Praying to win for my niece who is autistic and in need of a communication device!


I would love to win this for my grandson who is 6 years old, severly autistic and non verbal. Perhaps this would help him in some way. TIA

marianne lasalle

If I had one wish, it would be that we all would win an ipad for our children who need one. Good luck and thank you Smartappsforkids. I have been invited to join another site like pinterest called pincredibles. I have posted a board for smartappsforkids. I didn't upload a pic as I am unsure how to do it but I did put the word out about the great work you do. If anyone is interested you can find me on pincredibles and spread the good word. I posted a link on my fb profile.

Sylvia Long

I would love my daughter/ son to have one to share. My daughter could use all the smart apps and my son for all the research he has to do for school (especially now that he will be entering m.s)


this is wonderful, would love to win one for my daughter


SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This is the BEST giveaway ever!
I would be as happy as a pig in mud if I win this!!!


Would love to win this for my son who has Autism.


Love to win this for my 8 year old daughter. I homeschool her and she is my ASD, SPD and APD angel and would excell even more with one.

Wendy Foster

I am a homebound teacher hoping to win this for my students that are to ill to attend school.


I am a school services officer in rural Australia. I'm hoping to win this to use with students in the class I work with, who have critical learning difficulties.

Ivy Thompson

Would love to win an iPad to give away to a deserving child.

terri filkosky

Love to get this for my nonverbal autistic son

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