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would you believe this app, See.Touch.Learn Pro 2012 is top of our wish list with IPrompts and match2say, and I am planning on buying them for big boys birthday next month. I'd love the opportunity to win See.Touch.Learn Pro 2012. (fingers crossed)

Ly Nood

Apps with Trains like Puffer's Train Challenge are on our want list-we love trains.
We recommend the Toca Train app.-its a good one!


I have the free version and it is great ,the full version will be excellent.I'm always waiting for this app to go on sale because full version is little expensive. on my wish list are the hamaguchi apps we had made such a progress with picture the sentence and fun with directions .those are my top of wish list .


ereadingtogo is one I've had my eye on, but this one is even more impressive.

Michelle Heness

We have the lite version of this app and it is great. It would be just fantastic to get the pro version. To be perfectly honest the TOBY playpad is on the top of our wish list at the moment. We're just starting our prep for pre-school and are thinking that it will be really helpful.

Shannon Bennett

I am a mom and purchased this app for my 7-y.o. who has severe CP. We have purchased many apps over the past 2 yers, but we LOVE this app because it allows her to show others her level of receptive communication and the images are visual impairment friendly! If we win the ProVersion is would give us the opportunity to input unfamiliar vocabulary and relate it to her environment. Thank you for the opportunity!


I have the free version and would love to be able to upgrade to the pro. Articulation Station is also at the top of my want/need list.

stephanie M.

this one!

Carrie walls

I think this app looks great! Mi would love to have it and the Apraxia picture sound card app and the speechtree app. So many on my wish list!


The top apps on my list are the Linguisystems Buddy Bear "Autism/PDD" apps. So many of my students would benefit from the wide variety. I am excited for the updates to the Pro version of See.TouchLearn.

Anita Latham

I, too, have the free version, and LOVE it. My top wish varies as more great apps become available and are reviewed so honestly by you guys!

Carol Brown

Apraxia Picture Sound Cards Professional version in my #1 most wanted app. I do really like the free version of See, Touch, Learn with some of the in-app purchased libraries.

Jessica Chase

Conversation Coach is at the top of my list currently as well as a few others! I am definitely interested in See.Touch.Learn as well!

Frances Amato

This is one of my top wish list apps along with the various comprehension therapy app collection.


We have stack the states free version and my girls adore it, so I would say that is at the top of the list to get the full version. My girls might argue for Angry Birds in space. :)


Like many of the other commenters, we love the free version. Going pro would be great! Thanks for the chance!


This app sounds fantastic - off to try the free version. I've got Intro to Letters and Jewel River on my list too. Thanks for the chance to win this!

Melissa Cassidy

Thanks for the chance at another fantastic app!


Proloquo2go is on my wish list. This one looks great too!


Actually this app is on the top. See.Touch.Learn.

Daniel Jones

For educating my kid on iPad i use Three Little Pigs and Five Little Monkeys apps.


would love to have the free code.

Kelly Breen

I would love to have this app and articulation station are on my wish list to use with my kids at school.

Sarah Jackson

I have been wanting See.Touch.Learn Pro for quite some time. I am a SLP in a setting with students with severe autism and we use mostly ABA techniques for therapy (ex. Receptive and Expressive ID of objects by feature, function and class). I would love to have this app!

Trina Hemmerling

This app & multiple smarty ears apps are at the top of my list!

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