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Kristy Brock

If I were singing karaoke I would sing Toby Mac's "me without you" song.. :)
And I would love to win this iPad mini! I have 4 kids, 2 are on the spectrum, so we all share my iPad... Would love to be able to share a mini! :)

Liana Gallant

I would love to win this! I homeschool my 3 youngest children and this would be a wonderful addition to our learning.


If I were to sing Karaoke I would sing "Crytal Ball" by Sublime, only because my hubby got that running in my head since yesterday. Haha!

Toby PRice

This will be the one that I win. I can feel it.

Toby PRice

I would sing I wanna be billionaire so friction bad. By Travie from the Gym Class Heroes.


I'm a closet singer so I'm not a big karaoke fan.....but I'd probably pick something fun and country like chicken fried :)

Ms. J

We would make up a poem rap to the beat of some current song call me not maybe but phrase as my SLP students would love to learn with a mini iPad

Amanda Murrell

One-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater (as it is Halloween)

karen hinkle

i am a belever

Valerie Wheeler

Bon Jovi "I'll be there for you".

Yvonne craft

It's raining men


I would sing Bollywood song " tumhi dekho na"(see for yourself what happened) ,I hope to win cause trying to save money since mini iPad rumors started but still couldn't make it and I know how much it will help with speech for my kid.

Lois Jones

I would sing Amazing Grace because my daughter would benefit in many ways from having an iPad.


Don't worry be happy

Sheila N.

I would probably sing a fun song like Summer Lovin' or When the Lion sleeps tonight and with a group of people so you can't hear my bad singing voice. My daughter would try and sing Red Solo Cup since it is her favourite song lol (she can't really say any of the words but she sure does try)--she signs some of them though.

Sandra G

I would sing It's raining men

Mary Clare Tarpley

I would sing Payphone by Maroon 5 ;) Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!

Gamor chickk

I would sing "no rain"

Misty Hamideh

i would sing "sweet dreams" by the eurythmics

Karin Ottosson

Old mac donald had a farm

Arielle Gawron

I would sing I will survive since that sums up my life right now.

Beth Garrett

Bon Jovi Bad Medicine

Carolyn Bearden MacMartin

Amazing Grace my chains are gone


Beach boys!


If I was to sing Karaoke, I'd probably pick a Rascal Flatts song.

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