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I hope that someone with a special needs child wins this.
3 of my closest friends have a child with Autism or ADHD. I have heard that the apps can assist with development for speech and other recognition development.
Like all the above comments, it would be a fantastic thing to own.
I am lucky enough to have 2 beautiful little boys who ask for an iPad every day!
I am not ready for them to have one yet. They argue enough over the tv as it it LOL!


The possibilities of using the iPad are endless! And now it fits in my purse!

Misty Hamideh

you guys give away SO MUCH STUFF! and this is one that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win!


My kids would love this! I have a little one with apraxia and he could use this for some of his speech practice. My older kiddos would love some apps of their own too.


Hmmmmm, iPad mini...


my oldest of three children has a short term memory sequencing issue which means that he needs lots of help in class. He learns in a very visual way and gets the best out of school if he could have his lessons taught this way. This is difficult for the teacher to achieve in a class of 30 children. This kind of device would really help in his learning. I would be so grateful of this kind of help for my son.


I hope to win ,my son would love it and able to carry anywhere easily.

Marcia Jones

I am a mom with 2 special needs children and have returned to school to become a behavioural therapist- I dream about having an iPad and with the announcement of the mini, that would be amazing to win one!

Julee Gackle

This would be the most amazing thing, my daughter has been requesting for awhile now, I would love to be able to suprise her with this.

Nancy Horn

Who wouldn't love another tool to excite kids about learning!

Ms. J

It would be a wonderful tool to use in the classroom with my autism students

Diana Baelly

2 words...sibling rivalry :)


I would like this to have for my autistic son, who is
learning AAC on the ipad currently. This smaller one would be perfect for him to carry.

Liana Gallant

I homeschool 3 of my children...I would love to use the mini for ed apps.

Kent Steen

wow what a giveaway! would love the chance to win a an iPad mini for use with my students at school.

Hayley berry

This would be amazing for my 5yo daughter! She is in remission for Leukemia, and we discovered that the high dose chemo therapy along with some of the antibiotics actually caused her to go deaf. :( an iPad would be a fantastic learning device for her to use, especially alongside her speech therapist!


My son has Autism and would benefit from this for his Speech and therapy apps!!


I'd like to be able to use it as an AAC device for my son who has apraxia.

Carolyn Bearden MacMartin

I would like one for my three year old grandson Ryan who has autism and is non-verbal.

Christie Eckstrom

I would love the iPad mini to use with my students at school. I love using the apps you post and provide. The students have so much fun with them. This would give me to opportunity to work with more than one student at a time.

Sara B

I would love to have this for my 2 kids. DS has ASD & DD is speech delayed and it would be great for both of them.

Georgina G

Would love to win this for my visually impared sister. She just came back from visiting another visually impared friend who is able to use the ipad with such ease due to an accessability app (if I remember the name correcly). This would really be so helpful.
Thanks for the chance!


I hope we win ,it will be great use for my son to work any where and take it whereever he needs it,thanks for the ippertunity.

Amanda Murrell

This would be so great for my son! And I love the smaller size. Fingers crossed! And, thanks!

Adina H.

I would like an iPad mini because it would be more convenient to use than my desktop computer.

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