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Eva G

I'd love to win one but not at the expense of selling my soul. What sort of give away is this where you have to promote smart apps for kids to enter? Not nice.



Thanks for your feedback, but the only way we can afford to do this is through revenue generated thru the site. We've given away 18 iPads in the past few months (not counting the two current iPad mini giveaways) and all we ask is for people to share the site.

We've paid for each one through advertising and other revenue without asking for our readers to donate/buy anything. And we think, if shared with the right people, that they'll love the site.


Ms. J

I would love to win one for my SLP students to use . We are grades 3-6, great age range

Jessie R.

Ron- you guys are doing wonderful things! I know that sharing the giveaway is a pretty small request considering you guys assist in getting iPads to families that benefit from them. Good for you guys! And a great big THANK YOU to everyone that makes this happen for these families!

Quincy Jones

I don't have any kids at present but my girlfriend works with kids and I love to buy her apps to use with them.....plus I have to admit these apps for kids are pretty fun for adults too :).

I don't have a problem with promoting the apps or sites I think its a fair trade plus they do make great apps,and they deserve all the exposure they can get.

I also think that if someone did something nice like offering you a shot at a free ipad you would want to spread the word anyway

Mayyadah masharqa

would be cool for my 11 year old


Eva, with all due respect, as a mother of 2 special children with extreme needs thanks to what their bio families did during pregnancy, we cant parent in the typical fashion. Instead, we are constantly having to think outside the box which also means it can be costly. Everything from their clothes to the toys they play has to be considered. When an opportunity arises like the one Ron is offering, parents like me WOULD sell our souls for the opportunity to provide tools that will help these children reach their fullest potential in life. I realize that to some ppl, that would appear to be demeaning - but to the rest of us, its a way of life... always advocating and advocating and advocating and MORE advocating... whats demeaning for you is not an option for me; if I had the extra funds to purchase these on my own, I would in a heartbeat.... Respectfully, Melissa


My 11 year old son would LOVE the iPad mini! I recently retired from 34 yrs. of teaching special needs' kids and still volunteer each week at our school. Would also love to share this with those kids!

Christine Bray

I have 3x grandkids under 7yrs and they spend all the school holidays with me I loan them my laptop but then cannot get anything done through the day! Help tius would be a great back up for me xxx

Francesca Beck

My daughter would luv an iPad mini

Linda Sternin

What a wonderful opportunity! Thank you for doing this!

Michelle Kremer

I have just discovered this site and
Have been recommending it to ally friends and fellow teachers. What a great way to learn about different Apps and then to have them for free also!!! FANTASTIC!

Lesli Ann Howell

Would love one to use with my students with autism...


My son is on the spectrum and also has other disabilities. He would love a mini, it would be so helpful for him since it is much easier to operate a computer then a pen and paper.


I have a nephew who is autistic and he would benefit so much from this program. I just discovered this awesome site and now I'm going to share this with my friends and family. Thanks


thanks for sharing yet another fantastic opportunity to win an ipad (mini this time).
I've never won 1 yet, but I know that everyone that does is truly deserving & that many of the people on your site have kids with special needs.
I love seeing your free apps everyday. some we trial & then delete off the ipad (but keep in itunes for later use) because they are not developmentally appropriate/interesting to my dd (this is not a complaint, simply where we as a family are at), but most we've kept using & they are fantastic!
thanks soooo much for this site & sharing with all of us! my ipad would be so much more boring without this site >:-)
PS - I don't think it's selling your soul to promote smartapps to our friends. I think it's a great way for them to have a chance to win the mini for their kids too! & as another mum said above, there are definitely alot of things I would do to support my special needs child, because I love her & want what's best for her, which includes ipad/apps & lots of expensive therapies/time, etc.

Sandy pope

My grandkids would love this they could learn so much with it

Carol Tate

I am a grandmother of a 4 yr old grandson who is highly functioning autistic
He loves to play games on my phone . I keep him one day a week and it
Would be so helpful to have a mini iPad at my house. Sometimes when he has had a bad day or a complete " meltdown " .... An educational game will help calm him down !!! I would love to have this for him for a special Christmas gift !! He is our sweet & precious grandson that has touched so many lives!!! Thank you for this great opportunity !!!

Susan Gremillion West

Ron, I can't find Match 3 Studio on Pinterest

Budhi Tantra

Hi Susan, try this link: http://pinterest.com/match3studio/

Thank you


I have 3 children that I homeschool & they all want one of these for Christmas.

Pamala Weitzel

I'm a homeschool mom, so with 1 income its not in the family budget to buy an iPad mini. I received my iPad through work and I can tell you my 4th grade son LOVES it when I allow him to as he says (do school on the iPad) winning this would be a wish come true!

Jocelyn Day

I have a niece who is autistic and she just loves these apps.

roland savellano

nice giveaway... :)


The person I would like most to meet is Jesus, my savior.

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