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Steph Curtis

My girls would love scooters, Sylvanian families, soft toys, electronice toys... their lists are endless. Most of all they'd love an ipad :)

Liana Gallant

An ipad mini!


My kids are olde...would love iPads and iTunes cards

Lauren McCulley

I don't have kids of my own but I know my nephew is dying for an iPad!

Kerri Sheffield

My kids like anything and everything. My oldest is six and has asked for an ipad or a tablet of some kind as well as an American Girl doll...



Rachele D

He wants an iPad mini :)

Lauren Snyder

the only thing my 5 year old girl wants for christmas is a big white teddy bear. a BIG teddy bear. a BIG BIG (stretches arms out as wide and tall as they go) teddy bear!

Sarah Naurato

I don't have kids yet!!! My "child" doggie wants a new bone :)


rocks. shiny or weird looking or rare.


My son wants Frank the Combine from Cars.

tami (missy) smith

I pad, jewelry, cloths, to travel, or anything she said would make her happy

Mandy A.

They want an iPad for Christmas - OF COURSE! :)

LaceyL (DailyWoman)

My son wants a Itouch or Ipad for Christmas


My daughter asked for Little Einsteins plushies. Do they even make those?

Sheila Noble

My daughter wants a camera...but not the pink one..she wants the blue one ;)

Pembe Mustafa

An iPad! And a doll that cries and pees haha. Kids will be kids.

Cheryl Malaguti

My son wants Airsoft stuff to play with his friends; my daughter wants art supplies and a Furby (good grief). They'd be ecstatic to have an iPad Mini though. ;)


A dog.


An iPad!

Marita Lightbody

Lego, they love it :)


An iPad mini....or Hugalopes. Though I think the iPad mini would be a bigger hit!


My kids wany Ninjago Legos.

Bonnie Bobeck

My 5 year old wants an Optimus Prime Transformer and my 15 year old would like an iPad mini or at least an iTunes gift cards.

Cindy W

My girls want an iPad or an iPad Mini for Christmas. They are kind of expensive so I am entering every sweepstakes I can find to win one.

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