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Mary Clare Tarpley

McDonald's.....bc of the golden arches!

mandy nite

fruit of the loom because it's definatly able to be remembered lol :)

Amelia LaCasse

I also love the Apple logo - I'm not just sucking up either - I really do love it!

Lauren McCulley

I can't believe there is ANOTHER iPad mini giveaway! You guys are magical!

Leigh Pritchett

McDonald's...everyone recognizes the golden arches.

Mindy Douglas

I would either go with McDonald's (because young children recognize it anywhere) or apple.

Lauren McCulley

Best Logo = apple because I am addicted to their products and when I see it I am pretty sure there is a chemical reaction in my brain that produces euphoria... sad, but true!

Christine Horvath

I love Coca Cola... crisp red and white and so nostalgic... thats just me though.. liking the simpler times.

Kimberly Hurley

I'm actually really partial to Roxy's logo. It's just so pretty!


Gotta say Apple!

Elizabeth Bourn

I love the Guinness harp logo!


I can't think of one I like more than the logo for my husband's business, Agape Painting. But I suppose I've always loved Apple's logo - especially when it had the rainbow stripes.

Stacy Hanzely

Best company logo of all time and why. GO!

Mandy A.

McDonald's.....known worldwide!

Aliya Ladha

Apple! Best devices for family use!

Rebecca Russell


A cow advertising for you to eat chicken (to save his life).... cool!

Toby PRice

Apple think different....juse because it makes us weird people feel like we have something to contribute.

Teri nieveen

Click-fil-a. Gotta love those cows

Amy McKinley

The apple logo is simple, unique and everyone knows it!


My 3 years old is obsessed with the Universal logo since he's a baby so I have to pick that one!!! But I think Apple and Chanel are beautiful and iconic logos. :-)

Abi R.

Probably Chickfila's "C" - my toddler says "CHICKEN AND FRIES" every time she sees a red letter "C" so it works haha


My kids would love an ipad mini so would I :)

HI Louie

Ipad Mini will be cool to have


Love it

Bonnie Bobeck

Chick-Fil-A's cows urging everyone to eat more chicken!

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