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Jill Jackson

A game for preschoolers doesn't need a message (particularly one about submitting to the unreasonable monarchy). It is a fun game for kids of different ages that keeps them entertained. My one and a half year old loves it.


Thank you for the review of Fun with Thandros. We appreciate that you played through the game. Obviously, we would have hoped for a more favorable response, but we are seriously considering your points as we update Fun with Thandros and plan our future apps. We want to continually improve our apps.

Fun with Thandros is not primarily an educational app. Kids learn as they match, read along and complete mazes but our primary focus is to entertain with Fun with Thandros. It would be fair to say our constant question was “will it be fun”.

The actual purpose of Food for the King was to demonstrate a pacifist approach to authoritarian rule can be an effective means of meeting the needs of the proletariat… ;) okay so maybe we were telling a story that wasn’t intended to have a deeper meaning or message. If there is a message it is, if you treat people well, in the end, things will likely work out. We concede that there is some nonsense involved.

Your reaction to the laser eye was the first we’d had. We had no intention of making a game that was offensive in any way. We thought the eye was visually and audibly interesting, weird and most of all fun.

In our families we have children with ages ranging from 0-10. We wanted to create an app that captured a little something for each of them. We haven’t found that the older ones didn’t want to play the mazes because of the matching, nor have we found that the 1 ½ year olds have stopped matching because of the mazes. But that’s our experience.

Again, we appreciate your feedback. As stated above, we’d have loved a better result, but feedback is pure gold.

We’d love for you to try our new free release – “Grass Whisperer”, a maze quest update for Fun with Thandros or standalone free app. http://bit.ly/GrassWhisperer.


My 3 year old, 5 year old and 8 year old all play Fun with Thandros and ALL love it!! It is definitely the most played game in our home from all of the apps next to Angry Birds so it is up there in our home. My eight year old just skips the preschooler type games and goes onto the Choose Your Own Adventure page and has a ball. My 3 year old son loves the "TWINS" match game and the mazes, he has never been scared of the Laser Beams in Professor Stouch's face, I think it is pretty similar to the Tiger Mouth the shoots fire in the movie Aladdin which is also made for all ages. We are happy to have an App that will keep all of our children entertained, great purchase and great product! Would recommend to anyone!

Crissy Crook

One of my favorite things about Fun with Thandros is that it does appeal to each of my children, who are 8, 4, and 2. I personally don't like the apps that are just "giant fluffy pandas" because the kids outgrow them much too quickly. I thought the choose your own adventure was a great story and is being over analyzed. I love that my kids can make their own choices and see the consequence of the choice in how the story turns out. This really is a good app and I would totally recommend it to anyone with kids ages 1-10.

Uncle iPad

Thanks for all the comments. A few points in response:

1) A preschool story having a theme or message is my preference. After working my way though stacks and stacks of meaningless books with my three kids over the years, I simply would rather have a story that ends with my child turning to me and saying "he tried the green eggs and he liked them!" or "he just had to say he was sorry!"

2) One of the goals I have in the page is to help parents separate educational and non-educational apps. My kids LOVE Angry Birds, but I'm not going to give it a five-star review because this is "smart apps" not "fun apps." That's not to say that I think that all of a child's apps should be educational. That's just not the purpose of this page.

3) The game wasn't offensive, but my daughter, who just turned four, wanted no part of it after I reviewed it with her. The voices and some of the images scared her. I review how to play each preschool app with her and then hand it over and watch...and she clicked off and wanted to play something else. Perhaps she is more timid than other children of her age group, but I'm going to give her a two-star review.

4) My seven-year old was much more interested...he played through it even after telling me that some of the games were for kids younger than him. But even his interest was more of a run-through and go to something else. I also wait a few days after each "test" and try to notice which apps they go back to and he didn't go back to Thandros.

HOWEVER just after the time the review was posted, my son noticed an update was released, went back to the app and then sang the praises of Grass Whisperer. (Ah...life.) So, I am considering a revision based on the update or at least presenting a different rating for preschoolers and ages 6-8.


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