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Jennifer Lloyd-Carney

This looks great and I'd love to try it. One note for teachers, many school districts, like mine, block You-Tube content. I think that is something to consider when purchasing this for school use. I ran into this issue with apps from PeaPod labs. I was so excited then tried them at school and most of the videos were BLOCKED!

Emily Shaw

That's a bummer about videos being blocked Jennifer. Have you tried Gube at school and do any of the videos work? Maybe there's some rhyme or reason as to which videos are allowed and we can add more based on that. Email me at emily@getshacked.com if you'd like to discuss.

Amy Taylor

Gube is awesome! There is another youtube app for kids that I tried that was awful, so I was a bit skeptical initially. I got it on sale, and am glad I did. There are educational videos and some popular kids cartoons- I even found some kids videos in Portuguese, which I also speak, so that was fun to see! One of their favorites is a loose video interpretation The Three Little Pigs. I don't think I'll be able to access the videos at my school sites either, as youtube is always blocked, but if I can, I will report back to you. This is great to keep my kids busy when I need quiet for a little bit.

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