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Amy Taylor

Thanks for the in-depth review. I think it's a big improvement with the in-app purchases gone. I can use this app to assess what animals are in a student's receptive vocabulary. Perhaps a Fuller version could feature more interactivity and a feature in the settings for labeling the animals. I like the crisp uncluttered graphics and the voice.

Account Deleted

Thanks for your feedback Amy. We take feedback seriously. Can you describe how you envision "labeling" the animals to work? One way to do it would be to let them choose from a set of randomly placed text labels and the child can "drag and drop" them onto the correct animal. This would be another way of identifying the animals. Do you have something similar in mind.

A new version is already in works which will feature two separate modes:

1. Learn
2. Play (the existing mode available in current version).

The learn mode will display the animals and state their name. This has zero learning curve as kids will just listen to the sounds and names while watching the animal. Would you consider that as useful?

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