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Holly Caulfield

SO many awesome apps out there. My iPad is set up for multiple users so I need a variety of apps to meet the individual needs. We too like Injini and Bugs and Buttons. Another favorite is Word Wizard!

Lisa Barnett Fowlkes

I would love to have this for my son who has Down syndrome. He is almost six. :)

Holly Caulfield

I left a few lines off my earlier comment. I think it would be great to have the PC version of this program on my laptop so I can start sharing it with others while we wait for the iPad version and the funds to purchase it to come available.

Kyla Hebert

My daughter really enjoys Tinkerbox (and so does my son). I think this software would be great for her! She is a very, VERY social kid, but she doesn't naturally understand a lot of the unspoken rules about social interactions (personal space, not OVER sharing, taking conversational turns, ect.).

Andrea Meek Schoepke

Injini and Bugs and Buttons are my kids' favorites.


So many apps so little time! Toddlers here enjoy injini and bugs and buttons, older gal likes word wizard. Word wizard one we use alot! Who knew spelling could be so much fun! Love putting in our own words and lists. Our last list is where we live...put in our planet, continent, country, statem city...makes it even more of a great learning experience!

Kelly Cole

I have a son with Autism and a daughter with delayed sensory motor integragation. They both LOVE iwritewords. It helped Kaden a lot with how to form his letters and also with spelling some simple 3 letter words. Jilly loves it because of how entertaining it is and she is successful at it. I make sure to turn it on the child's voice for them. They both find it more enjoyable that way. They love it though and they both are in occupational therapy and this app has helped a lot with that.

Valerie Morgan

My students love Word Wizard!

A Facebook User

It is hard to pick just one...but I supposes one of my favrites would probably be the Mobile Education Stores apps! We have question builder for our daughter with Apraxia and sensory issues. It is a good app for her to learn to listen, think, and then UNDERSTAND what she is seeing and hearing!

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