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I love this app. It will help my 1st grader w/ learning how to spell as well as seeing, hearing and having fun learning an important skill.

Natasa Gajic

Thank you, Smart Apps For Kids Community! Thanks to everyone who rated the app and everyone who put an extra effort to write a review like Racers Mommy, Preschool Speechie, Sebemase,Speechlanguageplay, 1tarakirk, Mama With A Mission, etc.
AtReks cares about his users! We read your reviews and do our best to improve and meet users' needs.

Thus, we have made a spelling app in which you can create multiple spelling lists (type in your word and record your voice): http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/build-a-word-easy-spelling/id415596411?mt=8

Furthermore, Build A Word Express - Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names App allows the user to hear each word multiple times by tapping the targeted word (presented in letters or question marks) in the app.

Also, AtReks has made it possible for the user to change/customize options in the settings by activating retractable ribbon (tap arrow in the upper right corner of your iPad) in Build A Word Express - Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names App so the user does not have to leave the app (close it, shut it down), and does not have to leave the target word.

The best way to contact us and ask for an additional feature would be by e-mail: office AT atreks.com. We welcome your suggestions and ideas! Thank you!

Natasa Gajic

Build A Word Express UPDATE is in iTunes!
What's New in Version 2.0
* accessibility options for VISUALLY impaired and for those struggling with fine motor skills
* PROFESSIONAL narration
* additional spelling words plus option to create your own spelling words

@Reks (aka AtReks) Apps are designed in compliance with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA).

- Does not contain 3rd party ads.
- Does contain in-app purchases.
- Does not contain integration with social networks.
- Does not use analytics / data collection tools.
- Does include links to apps by @Reks in the iTunes App Store hidden in the settings section behind child-proof settings button (press and hold).

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