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Thanks to Heather for the great review! Here is some complementary information from the makers of LetterSchool for teachers and therapists:

* LetterSchool has two levels, silver (blue menu) and gold (orange menu). If you are using the app for individual help to students, you may want to accommodate students with different abilities on the same device. You could work with various "users": one user in the silver level for (younger) children with more difficulties and the other user in the gold level for more advanced children. You get access to the gold level as soon as you finish an entire set of letters or numbers in the silver level ("abc", "ABC" or "123"). Once the gold level is reached, you can reset the score in the settings to go back to the silver level. You can switch between users in the settings panel. You'll find explanations about the settings on our website:http://letterschool.com/support.html.

* If you want to skip to the “Write” game for some students, just work with a “user” where the letters are played once already. That way you are free to chose any game:

1-Tap: learn where to start, change direction and finish by tapping the dots on the letter.
2-Trace: learn the letter trajectory by tracing it.
3-Write: test your letter knowledge by writing from memory.

Everyone, please let us know if you have any questions or if we can help in any way (http://letterschool.com/contact.html).



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