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Julie Trudgett

Good luck everyone.

Margaret Sauck

Very helpful Thank you


Good luck to all!

Denise murzyn

Excited for this tool for therapy use with clients.


Good luck everyone... A Big Thank You to Smart Apps For Kids for the giveaway... :-)

Mary C

Thank you Smart Apps for Kids for the giveaways. Good Luck to all entering!

marianne lasalle

Thank you again Smartappsforkids..Hoping we will win one now or in the future..good luck everyone!!


I have a question. On 7/11 I got up to 27/77 entries. When I came back today to do the 3 repeatable items( tweet, pin and, click an ad) my total was down and now that I have repeated them I'm back to 27. Do the dailies give more entries or just allow us to keep the ones we had?

Donna Young

Lucky 13~My nonverbal granddaughter turns 9yrs old tomorrow on Friday the 13th. Maybe she will be the lucky 13 and can have this iPad as her communication device!

Bonnie Wegmann

Hoping to be lucky enough to win this for my 6 year old autistic niece! She so needs an iPad!

Eustacia Miliusis

Thank You!


thank you! hoping to win this for my little girl that is autistic and non verbal.

Peggy Welker

You make it feel attainable to get an ipad. There are so many ways an iPad would be helpful in a way that is very very difficult to attain otherwise. We would use it to gain more independence of adult paras (follow her own schedule, check off the list of things to do with a bell/whistle/Hi-5 attached), increase her receptive vocabulary through pictures/voice articulation of new words, help with higher level as well as functional math skills (make change or "buy" things at a pretend store), teach her more conversation skills than she has now. Wow, there is only so much a parent can do on their own or with other adult paras. Thank you!!


yup, my little ipad is obsolete. Winning ipad2 would be pretty sweet!

Kathryn H.

This would greatly benefit my nonverbal nephew!My 6 yr old son (asd) has seen so many milestones in the short time we have had ours! Thank you for making it possible and spreading the love!!

Bethany S

My son just turned two. (He's my miracle fourth of July Baby) We use an Ipod for him to get the apps. It was a hand me down from his Aunt. He was a preemie & he is a little man for two year old. But he has learned so much from the apps you have suggested! I think an IPad would help him on his little guy learning journey!

Norma Cremers

What a great give away!

Jo Solesbee

Jo Solesbee following from Anne Noble Smith

Bj ishmael

Good luck to everyone who entered. I hope I win in order to provide more learning opportunities for my speech there students and to support their their therapy with technology that can be fun, educational, and challenging.


Great give away--and great way to get the word out about your site! I have shared your site and FB page with teachers and families that I work with.

Keep up the good work!

Marcy Marker

Good luck to all!

Elizabeth B.

This would be so amazing! Good Luck everyone!

marianne lasalle

13 is my lucky number and hoping this time we win the ipad. thank you smartappsforkids for making this possible

Lisa N.

Good luck, how exciting for the next person... lucky number 13 woot woot !!

marianne lasalle

Good luck to everyone..hoping lucky 13 is still my number!

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