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Maria Meador

My son would love this!!!

Hannah Rascoe

"Would have saved alot of sleeves.

And collars.

And cuffs" LOl, both my boys would chew their shirts in those spots... I swear it looked like they had mice in permanentresidence on their shirts! :)
These look like an amazing alternative! :)

Cindy S

My daughter would love these and it will save her fingers! These are less conspicuous than chewys we've purchased in the past.


A bunch of my clients could use these. would love to get them by the caseload!!


my grandson has just started to bite and chew his clothes, this sounds like an awesome alternative

Lori bean

My son needs this! He just bit his brother yesterday.

Anik chevalier

Would be a great alternative for my daughter you chews her hair!

Ruby Strother

My precious grandaughter needs this today:) She out chews our puppy!

kim labott

I would love to try this with some of the ASD children that I work with. I am always looking for new ways to help them meet their sensory needs, but allow them to fit in with their peers.


My three year old son, who has Autism and Down syndrome is non-verbal, wont eat anything unless mashed and I physically feed him. He wont put things into his mouth, however he has started biting me. He could benefit from one of these to help with his progress in chewing.

Valerie McCottry

This would be so helpful for my 6 yr old son who has autism and sensory problems!!! He love to chew his clothes and eat things that he should not eat!!!!


This would be great for my daughter!!!

Leonilda Apel

my 4 1/2 year old would love this. She uses her chewy tubes every day, i cant leave home without it!!! I keep one in my pocket book, diaper bag, upstairs down stairs. My daughter has a lot of sensory, and major feeding issues I feel this would be a wonderful thing for her.

Cynthia Latham

My son is an official window licker. This would keep him away from the germs. I always fear flu season. He is nonverbal and stems with his tongue.

terri filkosky

My son would love this....

Lorna d'Entremont

Thanks Smart Apps For Kids for the successful KidCompanions Chewelry giveaway.Thanks to all who participated and for the great comments. Wow 3019 entries,795 Facebook shares, and others on Pinterest and Twitter. Wishing the parents with school age children a happy, productive school year!


Thanks so much! So excited to win! I sent you a message back on Facebook :) ~Katrina

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