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My favorite time of the day is coming home after a day's work and my daughters welcoming me with:" Mummy is home! Yay!"

Nancy Dawud

My favorite time of day is early morning, when the world is quiet and day is full of possibility and promise.

Kayla Hicks

My favorite time of the day is the evening when my hubby and I are off work and the boys are home with no sports or activities.

Patty Golden

LOVE early mornings! especially when everyone in the house has slept well! i'm refreshed and get so much done!

Emily Martin

My favorite time is the evening...things aren't so rushed and we can be together as a family!

michelle sligh


Rachel A.

I love morning coffee time :)

Cari (Mrs.Tempered Sunshine)

My favorite time of day is right after the kids are in bed. I can sit down and rest.

Christie Eckstrom

My favorite time of day is when my husband is home from work. I miss him when he is gone, and that is way too often! :)

Michelle Lafayette

I love the quiet time when my children are sleeping :)


My favorite time of the day is after my kids are asleep and I get a few minutes to myself!!! :)


Evening/night. After bath we put on good smelling lotions and powders. Then the girls are excited to see what new app I downloaded that day (thanks you you!). Finally it is cuddling and sleeping time. FUN!

Tina Haines

I love early mornings... I can go into my children's room and to see them sleeping soundly with not a care in the world or the pressures of a typical day bothering them. Its a very sweet time for me. So much so I wish I didn't have to wake them to start the day.


I would love to win this app! I must admit my fav time of the day is when the kids are asleep and I can be alone with either my hubby... or just myself and my own thoughts.

I might have posted twice cause of puter error.

Trenna S

Love bedtime! Books, cuddles, and angelic sleepy faces.

Renee Sparkes

My favorite time of the day is about 9pm when I can finally sit down for a bit!

Bonnie Wegmann

My favorite time of day is bedtime. We all read stories, give big hugs and tuck the littlest one in bed. I love seeing their beautiful sleeping faces and the peace that settles over the house!


Morning is my favorite time of day...a new day full of possibilities. This app would be great for us.

Janet Bymers

My favorite time of day is after bedtime, when the girls are sleeping like angels in their beds and I can sneak in and see their beautiful restful faces.

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