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Jennifer Hayes

my goofy handi chopper, keeps the kids busy while im cooking for parties!

Bonnie Wegmann

My favorite gadget would have to be my iTouch! I can carry an entire library of books, games, movies and office tools everywhere I go. It has been a life saver with my autistic son too!

Nanci Wilson

My favorite gadget is my ninja!
It is quick like a ninja :)
Chop Chop!!

Sarah Franklin

I love my egg slicer. Not only does it slice eggs, I use it to make perfect strawberry slices! Yum!

Maryalicia Verdecchia

I love love love my garlic press. Cannot live with out it...oh and my mini chopper.

Kari Schwendenman

I love my sewing machine! It amazes me that I can take some fabric and thread and make masterpieces!


My favorite gadget is my corn butter holder. No more messy butter trying to butter and ear of corn! The kids love using it too!

Deb Coats

So many gadgets to choose from.......... think I will go with my Kindle Fire. :)


My favorite gadget is my Vitamix. I saved up for a long time for it and it was so worth it!

Bianca Schiffman

Seems so simple but I love my Mix N' Chop from PC.


I love my seam ripper (for sewing projects when I goof)!


Hmmm. This one is hard... I guess my favorite gadget is our iPad2. It has literally given my children a voice and an outlet for fun imaginative play.

April Beshires

I would have to say my Ipad It has saved the day time and time again with my 2 boys.

terri filkosky

My son would love this. I have to say my favorite thing is the 3 in 1 needle threader since I would never get anything sewn without it

Dora Irigoyen

My favorite gadget is definitely the iPad. It has given my son a voice & my other children entertainment that goes along with educational games

Meg carabini

My favorite gadget is my iPad! I work with little kids, most of them on the autism spectrum do this cover would be amazing to use on my iPad when I work with them!!! Meg

Jennifer Bryant

My favorite gadget is my digital meat thermometer, saves a lot of meals if I get caught up with my two kids!

Kate Ramsay

I already posted but leave my email.

Jessica Leonard

It would have to be the bug sucker-upper! That invention is great for the spider-phobic people (aka my husband) also the kids love to suck up the bugs!
That"'s my vote!

Kathy Jadud

My favorite, most cherished gadget is definitely my REAMER. I got it during the days of the Frugal Gourmet, who reigned supreme until he got reamed. Can't have gin & tonic without it.


My favorite gadget is my ninja, I just got my son off from eating yogurt all the time to real people food, it has to be pureed, he has a eating disorder :(

Michelle Heness

My favourite gadget is my iPhone with wifi connectivity. It has revolutionised my ability to do so many things when quality computer time is scarce!


Favorite gadget, YoNanas-takes bananna's and turns them into soft serve ice cream. Can't go wrong, healthy and a treat. My son loves it


my most used gadget would probably be the apple slicer/corer. An apple a day!

Erica Triebenbach

My favorite gadget is my magic bullet, I use it ALL the time

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