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Would like to win this one and prompt my kid to make some healthy choices...

Cynthia Ellison

Looking forward to using this app!!!


Wow i love hte idea of the timer. my boy is always asking how long till or how long left


Looks like an awesome app for my son

Margie Penn

what an awesome looking app, my son would really benefit from an app like this!

Leonilda Apel

Wow this is like a schedule thing I use for my daughter except we use cardboard and Velcro. But this would be so awesome for her, and so much better for her to follow. Especially the way she works this iPad. She is 4 1/2 years old has Down syndrome and Autisim and she needs a schedule for her to understand.


WOW this would be awesome for our two precious autism angels, will go along way to helping us all throughout our daily routines and with school....got everything crossed..thanks for the opportunity to be in for the running:-)

Jacqui Felton

You wonderful folks at Smart Apps never seem to amaze me at the wonderful things you have on your site.. I think I have downloaded at least 1 app per day on average for the past few weeks - I have now downloaded so many my iPad won't accept anymore - have to delete some ;).... Keep up the good work... I'm not entering this one...but it looks fantastic!!! You are doing an amazing job. I have recommended this site to so many people!

Lara Bull

What an awesome win this would be!

Therese Smith

Would love to use this with my students. Great as it goes everywhere on the iPad.


this would help dd be more prepared for various events & also make her more independent so she can do things for herself with prompting from ipad instead of me!
what a great idea!!!


I would love to win this for my ipad that I use daily in my class with my children touched by Autism!


We are about to have our son assessed this week, I really think this app would help our son with daily routines & take some of the stress/pressure away. :)

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