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If it get drop it will not break because my son carries around everywhere and also he is not careful while using stylus so this would be a great case for him I just saw reviews n YouTube for this case.it will be easy to take iPad outside where ever he is going so we can use our social stories on the go without any fear....


Any case that I purchase needs to be durable enough to protect the device. Yet stylish enough to not be an eyesore to carry around.


I work with lots of droolers with sticky fingers who like to drop and throw my iPad. I would love this case.


I want a case that is best for 3 and 6 years old.


the case I have may have broken my home button so I'm looking for a new one. This looks promising since my son is a lot like the Tot even if he is a lot older.

Sheila N.

I want a case that is sturdy and Ipad is safe when dropped. I like one that you can attach a stand both ways (horizontal and vertically). A home button cover would be a ++++++ bonus. Screen protector too from scratches, food and drool. Speakers and handle even better (but not costing $200 or more. Basically bullet proof ;)

Becky Evans

This one looks really cool! Never heard of Trident before. Thanks for the info!

Becky Evans

Oh--One that can handle being dropped, bitten, drooled on, all the normal things, right. :)


Drop protection!!!


Protection first and foremost!!!!


Drop protection


Is it durable for 2 boys? That is the real test!


I want something that will survive two kids. We use our iPad everywhere and I sometimes worry about it when we leave the house. It would ease my mind having this.


Mostly, I want a case that can survive drops, and makes it easy to hold on to. I don;t worry as much about goo and liquids - that stuff isn't allowed near the iPad. We have one that is meeting our needs, EXCEPT, my husband thinks it makes it look like the iPad belongs to little kids - so when he takes it on a business trip or something, he takes it off, leaving it unprotected. So I guess I need to add "classy looking" to my list of requirements!


I want something that is child-safe and child-proof. I also want it to protect my ipad from as many elements as possible (water, sand, etc.)


My ideal - a case that is durable and protective enough to withstand all that my sometimes upset or mischievous clients (2-20) can "throw" at it, have a handle/strap for carrying, a sturdy built-in stand to prop the iPad up for use (yet won't get lost) and still allow for good sound output (especially for using the iPad as a communication device in louder settings). That's not asking too much, right?!? :)

Denise murzyn

Just received an iPad for use in a preschool. This would be great.

Mandy A.

I work in a primary school and have three children. Enough said. ;)

Roisin Loughrey

My four year old boy might...I said might...be even heavier and rougher and messier than Tot! There, I've said it. We need that case! :)

Cinders405@ hotmail.com

I really need something like this for my developmentally disabled daughter,non verbal.

Diane Novatnik

I would like an indestructible case that will survive use by many students I work with at school. I would like to feel comfortable stepping back from the student instead of feeling a need to be nearby to avoid possible mishaps to my iPad!

Tammy Walczak

I am looking for a case to hold up for my son w/DS & Autism that won't impede using it!


I had this case it protected the IPad, but my son broke the case. The clips that hold it together, broke easily.
Eventually it kept coming apart. It is also very heavy. I changed to a lighter case and my three year old actually drops it less.

Liana Gallant

I homeschool three children, I need a case that is user friendly even for the youngest, but also tough as nails. This looks perfect.

Laffy Taffy

I'm looking for a case that can with stand a child's daily activity. My child uses her iPad as a communication device so it is with her at all times. Also, I want the case to be a little fashionable too so I love the pink and black case!

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