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Monica Smith

Great! Thanks so much! Would love to win!

sandy dennis

I have a non verbal autistic son who needs a ipad so bad.

Ms. J

I would love to win a mini for my SLP students to learn from

Sissi Treadway

my son is 8 and was born with Spina Bifida... He is awesome at maneuvering around on a friends ipad.. He would love it if i could win him one... thank you for this opportunity!

Ms. J

I would love to win this for my SLP students

Misty Hamideh

love this! thanks for the opportunity!

Mary Clare Tarpley

WOW. WonderWOMEN!!! Hoping I can win this for my daughter.

Chrissy Le

Wow! I would love an iPad for my daughter Alessandra (8yrs old) because I am deaf and she had failed no recieved an iPad 2 for twice from fund and school. :-.(. For reason her need schedules, pictures dictionary, reading apps to listen for every night (I'm not very good my voice), education, etc. she is also function autistic. My daughter Emily (5yrs old) is also autism, cant speak very well and she had an iPad 2. I hope win iPad mini for Alessandra. Thank you.

Karin Ottosson

I would love to win an Ipad for my grandchildren.

Carmela Calvo

Would love this for my boys!


Would love for my daughter!


My son will love it. Thanks for the opportunity.


Best Movie of All Time - ET!


Best Movie of all time - ET! Why? Awesome story line and who can resist a cute little alien who loves skittles? :-)


Best movie of all time - if you ask my daughter (3) she would tell you snow white. she would tell you it's because she's beautiful! thanks for the chance :)

Kimberly Hurley

Best movie of all time? The Princess Bride.
Thanks for another great giveaway!

Kerri Sheffield

Best movie of all time...too many to choose from. Thanks for the giveaway

Gamor chickk

Best movie of all time for me, is 90s classic "drop dead Fred" because although it's hilarious, it actually contains alot of life lessons.. I grew up on that movie..And I have never dated an arrogant man like "charles"' and instead have gone for men like Fred who are funny and carefree.

Candice E

Best movie of all time - for me it's moulin rouge!!

Michelle G

The Notebook...I just love the romance of it all!


Shawshank redemption - awesome book to movie


Best movie of all time is Up. I think the wordless progression through Carl and Ellie's life was most amazing.


I'm a superhero fan here, my best movie would be The Amazing Spider-Man :) thanks for another giveaway :)

Susan Gremillion West

Am loving these iPad mini giveaways! Could really use them for therapy.

LaceyL (DailyWoman)

I would have to pick The Notebook, because I can watch it over and over.

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