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It would be awesome for my classroom!


I would use it with my speech therapy students!


I'd love an ipad mini so I can reclaim the ipad for my husband and I ;).

S. Flater

Our school has a limited number of ipads and this would be such a great help.


I would love to use it in therapy with my speech and language clients!

Toby PRice

My oldest with autism would love this! Thanks for all you do.


So my kids can have it and I claim mine for my husband and i

Sarah K

Great giveaway! Love the look of the new iPad mini!

Kelly Maxwell

I would use it in speech therapy with my students.


Since we purchased an ipad a few months ago for our son to help with his speech and language, I would love to have this one for myself.

Mandy F.

My oldest daughter would LOVE a mini for her homeschooling apps!!

Rachele D

This would be great for my 2 year old's little hands!


I would use it as a portable school tool for my son with ASD, DOWE and Dysgraphia.


This would be great for my kids! We don't own anything starting with "i" ;-)

Dianne Saunders

This would be a great size for me to take with me to work as I travel to see kids in their homes.

Belinda Colby

I have the ipad 2 and I love it, the sad thing is so does my 14 year old. I use it for therapy and we had to come to an understanding that if she was going to use it she had to make sure it was plugged it every night so it would be charged for me to use at school. If i won this she could have one of them and I would not have to worry about mine not having enough battery life for therapy.

mandy nite

looks awesome for smaller hands :)

Amanda Halstead

This would be awesome...fit right into my purse!

leha tasker

This would be awesome and just the right size to slip in a bag to take shopping with my daughter so she could play it sitting in the trolley instead of having melt downs

Kathy Mays

I would use it in speech therapy, the kids enjoy my iPad now, but I think the smaller size might be nice.


Perfect size for my daughter!

Linda Cosgrove

Absolutely perfect for taking with us on field trips to help avoid meltdowns while waiting and learn/communicate at the same time!!

Julie H

It's mommy's turn!! This is perfect for a BUSY mommy like me!!

jamie greening

I was sent to this page by my mom Johnna Pantaleo, my daughter would use this to help with school work.

Kimberly Hurley

Oh my squawk is right! Wow, I love using an iPad at work with my students. I can see some really nice uses for the mini with some of my more mobile/ambulatory students who need communication supports in the community -- perfect size for easy carrying, but also big enough that fine motor issues won't be too frustrating. In addition, having my OWN iDevice means that during therapy sessions, I could be working right along side my student, providing aided language stimulation without taking away their device. Woo hoo!

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