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Kim Trisel

Cross your fingers.

Jennie Polson

Lots of hope for a free iPad Mini


I would sing, "We are never getting back together"


Best Movie of ALL time: CITIZEN KANE
Why? Orson Wells


I would love an ipad mini so I can give my ipad1 to my son's school to enrich the special ed department and speech therapist.

Kristina Morris

I would love this as my 1st ever Apple product!


I'd sing if you want to be my lover or something classier. catchy song!

Thanks for giving me the chance to win an ipad mini. My five year old would go berserk!

Lauren McCulley

I would love an ipad mini to more effectively engage my students!

Mandy A.

One of the best movies of all time would be....Wizard of Oz. Thank you for this giveaway!

Mandy A.

If I were singing karaoke, I would sing "I will survive." :)

Mandy A.

I would really like to meet Tom Hanks...

Lisa N.

I would sing Bette Midler's Wind Beneath My Wings... and then the room would clear quickly ;)

iain maciver

i would sing in the air tonight by phil collins

iain maciver

it would definitely be elvis presley if it was possible ,the best singer in the world

Toby Price

best movie Princess Bride! Fighting Fencing monsters true love....what more could you want

Kristy Brock

I would love to meet Bing Crosby.

Kristy Brock

I would love an iPad mini to share with my four kids... Two of them are on the spectrum, and the iPad is a wonderful tool for them.

Kristy Brock

Best movie of all time... White Christmas.. Romance, music, beauty, comedy.. What's not to love???

Lena L.

I would sing "Live Like You Were Dying"

Lena L.

Best movie of all time...Gone With The Wind. Why? History, love, heartbreak, it has everything.

Becky B

I would sing "I feel the earth move" by Carole King.

Becky B

Best movie of all time?! There are too many! I'll go with "A Simple Twist of Fate". Drama, mystery, love, and a surprise ending you will never forget!

Becky B

I think I would like to meet Anne Sullivan, the woman that helped Helen Keller succeed in life. I would ask her a ton of questions!!

denise canning

would love to win an iPad mini:)

Becky B

We would like an iPad mini to help our daughter communicate w/an AAC app. She has an iPod but the programs are limited and the images are too small. She will work with an SLP to utilize it the best way. Thanks for the chance to win!

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