Lizz DeCamp Campbell

We would love for you to review our app, Counting Zoo. It is a wonderful way for toddlers to learn to count 1-10, with colorful and fun animal illustrations.

Gaurav Shukla

I am looking forward to your review on the premium version and the free version of our World Atlas app, it is by far the best geography aid for teacher, travelers and students. Very informative and a must have app for iPad.

Atlas Lite-

Atlas pro-

Tana Adams

This second storybook from Silicon Beach Software is a precursor to the classic Grimm Brothers fairy tale. In this original story, you’ll not only find out how Snow White’s stepmother became evil, but you’ll learn the dark secret of her magic mirror.

This story has not yet been released to the public and if you wish to review it, we would be happy to send you a promo code.


If your child is ready to learn how to count

And you don’t want to spend an outrageous amount

On a game that is fun which will bring lots of glee

Then download our app, it's fun and it's free.

Pushing our buttons, will make our shapes glow,

Encouraging words will let your kid know

that the learning they’ve done is worthy of cheers,

So download this app from Beans In My Ears.

Download link:

Video Demo:



Do you review apps in other languages? Like spanish for example? I have been looking for this kind of reviews and have not found a website I like.

Karen Miller

I just submitted two promo codes in your form above and would like to request a review of the DoInk Animation and Drawing App for the iPad It received the Editor's Choice Award from Children's Technology Review and was selected an iTunes AppStore Essential for Drawing and Painting. Our app sells for $4.99 and is widely used in schools for creative learning to visualize complex subjects like Math & Science, for storytelling, creating book reports, presentations, etc. It is as simple-to-use as MS Paint to do a quick doodle and yet can create sophisticated Flash like animations. It is a great blend of creative learning and entertainment for kids of all ages and for families to animate together. Here is a demo
Thank you for your consideration.

Peter Ross

Hello SAFKs,
We would be really pleased if you would consider reviewing or educational gaming app for kids.

GoVenture MAPme is a fun game for learning letters, numbers, words, geography, science, and health all at the same time. Elegantly designed to be easy, fun, and educational for children, adults, and families.

We thought you might like this app, but we have many others for kids as well.

Best Regards!
Peter Ross


Prez Elect USA app promises to predict Election winner!

Forget the political pundits and polls, the leaderboard on this App will apparently predict the outcome of the next US Presidential Election. Users of the App vie to become a top player and help their party become victorious. The player’s choice of "Elefant" or "Donky" sends a clear message as to which political party they support. The top players’ scores helps to determine which party wins more "Prez" Elections and holds power longer. Thus, not only are players achieving a personal best, but they are also achieving a collaborative best for their political party. The Top Standings graph reflects the most winning party in real-time.

It is much like using the amount of funds raised as an indicator for Election victory. Although, Michael Moore argues that the influence of money in politics would lift Mitt Romney to victory over President Barack Obama in November, it’s not that simple. The more funds one raises does not automatically allow that candidate to buy an election. Steve Levitt attempts to dispel the myth that money buys elections. Levitt’s study found that “money doesn’t necessarily cause a candidate to win — but, rather, that the kind of candidate who’s attractive to voters also ends up attracting a lot of money. So winning an election and raising money do go together, just as rain and umbrellas go together. But umbrellas don’t cause the rain. And it doesn’t seem as if money really causes electoral victories either…” In the same way, the popular candidate will attract more players to their side with this App.

And then there’s the ace in the hole. This is seemingly an App for kids (although many adults enjoy it too!) And what do kids know? Apparently a whole lot. Scholastic has polled American school children since 1940. And the school urchin have got it right all but twice. The two misses being 1948 Dewey over Truman and 1960 Nixon over Kennedy. That’s pretty impressive.

Put these two factors together and the app creators over at Quatrian may be on to something. We have just over a week to see if they are correct.

Tamara Talanova

Hello SAFKs,
We would like you to consider reviewing our captivating math multiplayer game app for children ages 3 and up. It is a great game to build skills of counting and addition from 1 to 10.
Best regards,
Tamara Talanova

Jodie Waldesbuhl

Hii SAFKs,

We know you are inundated with review requests, but we'd love it if you could give our new app - Mathly Hollows a look! It's an integrated mental math and game app that utilizes memorization algorithms to help kids learn math skills linked to the Common Core Standards. It's not only effective, but fun!

Many Thanks!
Jodie Waldesbuhl

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